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VR Junkies in All Out Zone

VR Junkies is the largest Virtual Reality Arcade in the United States! VR Junkies is a Virtual Reality Arcade and storefront. We are experts in all things VR utilizing cutting edge full body motion systems. Check out our selection of games, and have an incredible new VR experience!


Virtual Reality Arcade

We take the classic arcade to a whole new level with our cutting-edge VR technologies. Virtual Reality is an experience. The minute you put on the VR headset and controllers, you are transported into the game you are playing. It is a three-dimensional way to game using the controllers to maneuver through the games.


Why you should choose us?

Choose from 50+ games within our arcade location and have fun with friends and family for hours!   Play games, compete, and have an amazing time playing our VR systems.  We offer deals on Wednesdays- Double Time VR  and Fridays-- Unlimited VR & Nerf for ONLY $24.99 per person!! Our customer service and dedication to VR will have you coming back for more fun!

VR Junkies NM

Our Virtual Reality Arcade Center is fun for friends and family! Come down and try our multiplayer games, co-op games, or single player games with the most popular VR games on the market! 


Virtual Reality Pricing


 PAY FOR THE TIME YOU WANT TO PLAY. Share the space with others and try out different games. The space is yours, have fun!

10 MIN $10

15 MIN $13

30 MIN $25

60 MIN $45 

Popular VR Games


All Virtual Reality games are an immersive experience to be had! Our top popular games are:

Beat Saber

Job Simulator

The Brookhaven Experiment

Arizona Sunshine


Beat Saber


Beat Saber is a game of speed and skill. You use your light sabers to swipe boxes with the corresponding box color and following the arrows on the boxes while ducking from obstacles that come your way. The game is played to the beat of the songs.

Job Simulator


Job Simulator is a very fun, beginner friendly Virtual Reality game where you choose an occupation between: chef, sales store clerk, office worker or mechanic. You can follow the tasks on the computer or you can simply do free play. It is a fun game for ages 6 and up!

Arizona Sunshine


Arizona Sunshine is a fast-paced zombie apocalypse game where the object of the game is to stay alive and move from location to location gathering the necessary supplies to fight against the zombies. Can be played with two players for at least 15 minute sessions. Fun for groups and single players alike.

Virtual Reality: Top 3 Games


See all our VR games


See all our VR games


See all our VR games