Fundraising with All Out Zone

Reach your Fundraising Goals

All Out Zone is proud to partner with organizations in our local communities to help them reach their fundraising goals! 

Who Can Benefit from A Fundraiser

We work with Middle Schools, High Schools, Sports Teams, Local Charities, Youth Groups, PTO's, 501C3's, among others.

How it works

Phase 1 - set the date/time: Contact All Out Zone at to schedule your fundraiser event.

Phase 2 - Advertise: The more people that know about your event, the more successful your fundraiser will be! All Out Zone will provide the event coordinator a copy of our logo which can be printed or shared on social media, strictly in regards to the fundraising event.

Phase 3-NERF ON, GET PAID: After a successful advertising campaign, it’s time to show up and experience some extreme Nerf action! All Out Zone  will keep a running tally of all the guests that check-in for the fundraiser. You will receive payment to your organization within two weeks after your event for up to 50% of total sales.