All Out Nerf Battle Arena

Get Ready to Battle in our amazing Nerf Arenas. You are more than welcome to bring your own nerf guns if you have them. Our Nerf prices can't be beat!  All Out Zone showcases Nerf dart tag games―from Team Elimination battles to Humans v. Zombies― pitting two teams against each other in fun, organized chaos with trained referees, music, and a full arsenal of Nerf blasters. (The Black Light Nerf Battle Arena is only in the Coronado Mall location). 


Team Elimination


 Participants divide up into two equal teams. They then use their Nerf guns to take out the opposing teams. Players who get hit leave the floor.

How to win:  The team that eliminates all (or most) of the opposing teams wins the game.   

Capture the Flag


  The participants divide into equal teams. The teams then defend their own flag while simultaneously venturing into the other team’s territory to capture their flag.

How to win: The team that first captures the opposing team’s flag and brings it back to their home base wins the game.   

Humans vs. Zombies


 As its name suggests, it involves a human team and a zombie team. The zombie team does not carry blasters and will try to tag humans to turn them into zombies. The human team carries blasters and will try to shoot zombies.

How to win: The goal is for either the human or the zombie team to eliminate the other team through tagging or Nerf guns.   



One designated person will wield a large Nerf blaster while the rest of the players will have small blasters. The object of the game is to hit the large gun holder (juggernaut) 10 times before getting hit themselves. Each time the juggernaut hits the other players, they must stay down for the duration of the game.

Freeze Tag Capture the Flag


This game combines the classic Freeze Tag game with Capture the Flag. The team that first captures the opposing team's flag and brings it back to their home base wins. But if they get shot along the way, they must stay in the place they got shot until their teammates tag them on the shoulders to revive them. 



Participants get into two teams. The object of the game is to shoot all the players in the other team in a short amount of time. Each person goes to their team's designated base after each shot for a 5 second spawning time.



Nerf Battle Arena Pricing

Our pricing is per person for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You are more than welcome to bring your own Nerf Blasters if you have them. Blaster rental is an additional $2-$10 on top of the entrance fee. 


$2                      Rookie

$4                Lieutenant

$6                     Captain

$8                      General

$10                      Special


30 min-           $10

1 hour-            $15

Follow the link with our pricing page for more information.