Family Entertainment Center

All Out Zone is a Family Fun Entertainment Center in Albuquerque which includes an indoor Foam Dart Sports Arena—a fun and exciting place to play Nerf Dart Tag games, Soft Tip Archery, and Virtual Reality Arcade. If you’ve ever wanted to battle with Nerf blasters or take a role in your own Virtual Game, now’s your chance! Sportsmanship is key to all our games. 

Virtual Reality Arcade

 VR Junkies is a Virtual Reality Arcade and storefront. We specialize in all things VR from the simple phone based headsets to cutting edge full body motion systems. Check out our selection of games, head over to one of our storefront, and have an incredible new VR experience. 

All Out Nerf

All Out Zone showcases Nerf dart tag games―from Team Elimination battles to Humans v. Zombies― pitting two teams against each other in fun, organized chaos with trained referees, music, and a full arsenal of Nerf blasters. 

All Out Bubbles

Coming Soon! All Out Bubbles.  We also have a revolutionary new bubble that is over 40% lighter than our previous models and WAY more bouncy! Bump, flip, and roll your way into heaps of laughter from playing in our Battle Bubble Ball Suits. We have sizes for kids as young as 3 and adults alike! 

All Out Archery

All Out Archery is a friendly  combat sport that utilizes archery with special foam tipped arrows to play the game. Players divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers, or other obstacles, and try to be the first team to knock out the centers of a 5 spot target on the opponent's side of the field, or, eliminate the opposing team.  


All Out Zone - Coronado

VR Junkies - Coronado

All Out Zone - Cottonwood

All Out Zone - Santa Fe


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